Resin Burners v Quick Light Charcoal

I've been asked to put together a post about resin burners v charcoal so here we go I also have a video on our Youtube channel about incense, what's really in it and is your incense toxic (so we won't cover that indepth here).

Quick light charcoal has a few big draw backs, the first and one most are concerned by is the fact the standard ones on the market are made with waste wood scraps from plywood and sawdust which is bad for the lungs and comes from trade waste which contains chemicals (its also unmonitored). Chemical oxidizers are also often used, as well as other ingredients which they do not have to label on the product.

Burning charcoal also releases toxic carbon monoxide which is why it will say on the side to either not use inside or use in a well ventilated room. Charcoal discs become extremely hot, burning the incense or resin and the combination of this heat and what's in the disc gives a slight almost acidic scent to the burn.

There is also the environmental impact of the creation of these discs to think about too.

This is why here at Goddess Enchantments we do not stock them or recommend them. Why would we when there is a inexpensive one time purchase that will last you years and is free of all the above issues!

We stock resin burners, which are just like an oil burner but with a special mesh top. Our burners are fair-trade, made from soapstone and the mesh grid can be replaced later in life.

There are tin ones on the market but we avoid these, as again the damage from heat can release chemicals from the tin.

So all you need is your burner which lasts years, one of our scent free organic tea lights and your chosen resin or incense. Your burner will give a slow and even burn allowing you to smell the true beauty of the plant allies you are working with.

We have these burners all round our home often burning grain incense in the morning and frankincense in the afternoon.

I've also had messages from those who have used charcoal in the past and found they had issues/irritation while burning incense but have now found those issues resolved when using the resin burner and skipping the charcoal!!

So I hope this helps give a bit more info on how to get the most out of your resins/incense in your spiritual and healing practice.

You can find our selection of resins, organic incenses and burners in the shop here