Herbs For Magickal Use

Herbs For Magickal Use 

Herbs are one of the witches most valuable tools when working magic. Each herb has a selection of specific energies/correspondences connected with it. By tapping into this energy the everyday witch has a powerful and enchanting item at the end of her finger tips. 
Whether someone just starting out or the experienced practitioner herbs are the chosen magical tool of many. I've always enjoyed working with herbs and source them very carefully for the shop as the higher quality and care taken during the drying process does have a impact on the energy they hold within them. I try where ever possible to grow and dry my own herbs, drying them on my main altar and adding intent daily.

This is very individual to the person and there are no set rules. If you are a keen gardener you can create an elaborate herb garden at home, if not you could keep a couple of herbs in tubs and the rest dried. Alternatively if you do not have the time or are in no way green fingered keeping a stock of dried in your witchy cuboard would be ideal. There are no hard and fast rules to dried or fresh and it really does depend on the magick you intend to cast. 
For instance if you are creating a romance spell for you and your other half fresh rose petals are perfect but if you would like to make a fertility charm pouch i have always found dried herbs to be better suited. You can grow and dry your own herbs but again this is personal choice. Below is a list of my personal preferences which i have found to work well, however remember to experiment to find which feel right to you. 

Herb Pouches/Charms - Dried (fresh can dry out in the pouch to a bitter smell, or even mould in some cases) 

Altar Decorations - Fresh and Dried (either together or separate) 

Incense - Dried (fresh can burn to a bitter scent with certain herbs and will not burn as well because of moisture in the plant) 

Offerings - Fresh and Dried (either together or separate) 

Rolling Candles - Dried or Fresh if using thyme or a similar herb (you need much less though) 

Wish/Spell Boxes - Dried (with the lid being closed fresh tends to blacken and dry out chalky because of lack of air circulating or even mould) 

Herb Mixes - Dried (especially if you will not be using it all but storing some) or Fresh for immediate use (especially good for altars, sprinkling around house)

Oils - Dried will last the longest 3 to 6 months but will go off unlike oils made from essential oils. Fresh herbs can be used but their water content can cause them to go rancid.

These are just a few examples and guidelines but as with all good magic trust your instincts and go with what feels right for you. 

Uses Of Herbs In Magic
There are endless way in which herbs can be used for magical purposes. If you are new to ritual and spell casting spend some time reading up about them and you will come accross the wide array of information available. The list below is by all means not extensive but hopefully it will give you a few ideas on how to incorporate herbal magic into your daily life. 

Power Of Scent - Before casting a spell if incense is not available you can take a few fresh or some dried herbs corresponding to your spell work. Crush them with your fingertips and take a few moments to breathe in their scent while focusing on your spells goal. This is a great way to prepare and focus before starting your herbal magic. 

Herb Charms/Pouches - These are excellent ways of creating a spell you can either carry with you or keep around the house. Can be used for anything from love to home protection these discreet little pouches are wonderfully powerful. 

Incense - Grind up some herbs corresponding to your spell along with some resin to make a wonderful grain incense for spell and ritual work. 

Kitchen Witch - Use herbs in your cooking (always use herbs for food related use, these can be purchased from the supermarket at a low cost). A good example is to help stop arguements and rbing peace to the family make a casserole and while stiring in thyme in a clockwise motion chant: 
Peace and Tranquility Come 
Peace and Tranquility Flow 
Into Our Family Come and Grow 

Herbs Mixes - These can be made in larger quantities and stores or small amount for specific spells. 

Offerings - Make herbal offerings for specific spell altars and the God and Goddess. 

Rolling Candles - Anoint candles with oil and then roll in herbs 

Herb Baths - Herbs can be used in the bath to prepare to body and mind for spellwork. Alternatively they can be used to create bath time rituals and spells. 

Wish/Spell Boxes - Herbs can be places in with crystal charms and wishes. 

Here is just a few of the wonderful things you can use herbs for. 

Many people email me asking if i stock certain dangerous or poisonous herbs. The answer is no! All poisonous herbs have an alternative which can be used in their place and i strongly recommend staying away from any dangerous herbs. 
If you live in a home with animals or children keeping herbs which could be harmful in the house could lead to all sorts of dangerous situations. Children always find ways of getting in places they shouldnt and pets will eat anything. Please if you are thinking of performing a spell which calls for a dangerous herb consider if it could be harmful to yourself, family, animals and wildlife. Using non poisonour herbs will not interfere with or affect the spells outcome and in any good herbal magic book you will always find a table showing the alternatives to harmful herbs. 
Its also not wise to try and grow these herbs yourself in the garden, they can cause a serious risk to children, pets (yours and your neighbours) and some wildlife. 

I hope you have found this information of some help. If you have any questions or would like some advice please do not hesitate to email.