Working With Selenite

Working with Selenite

Selenite named after the Goddess Selene is a very popular crystal. Why? Because low vibrations and negative energy cannot survive around its pure frequency.

Some say Selenite will cleanse your crystals, this is not something I personally subscribe to as unlike cleansing using other methods, sitting a crystal on Selenite will not remove programs, charges or work done. So even if it will neutralise low vibrations the crystals won't be fully cleansed or reset. I have studied with some of the most well known teachers and qualified numerous times over in Crystal Healing to an advanced level and this is rarely taught as a method of cleansing in those courses but I do hear about it alot from people who do the cheap online diplomas!

HOWEVER Selenite has some incredible uses, so let's take a look below.

  • Crystals placed on Selenite after cleansing will stay clear for much longer.
  • Adding a Selenite tumble to your crystal bags, charms, purse etc will keep the energy clear and frequency high!
  • Charge your Selenite under the full moon, you can then charge up jewellery, tumbles, spheres etc with full moon energy throughout the month.
  • Add Selenite to crystal grids and Intention Boxes to keep the energy clear and protected.
  • A Selenite piece kept with your cards will keep your tarot/oracle clear and ready to use. Especially important if you read for clients.
  • After a house cleansing place Selenite bars on windowsills and on top of door frames. You will find you need to cleanse less often and have a lovely serene energy in the home
  • Selenite is great in the bedroom and assists with sleep and stopping nightmares.
  • It's a great crystals for stress and those who suffer with negative thinking.

Selenite and Water

While Selenite and water are not friends, there is a misconception that if you get it wet it will suddenly turn to mush in seconds. This simply is not true! If you spray an Aura Spray from a distance or even place water in a Selenite bowl for a cleansing (and then empty immediately and dry) it will be just fine. Over time water will damage it, if it was soaked it would begin to break down, however there is no need to stress if it comes into contact with a little water.

On a side note if you like to anoint with oil, while not an issue as you use such a tiny amount (a well made ritual oil would need not even a full drop to add its energy) Selenite will stain!