What is Florida Water & How To Use It

I've had a lot of questions about florida water since my post showing ours in the process of being made. Commercial florida water is still made of rubbing alcohol and fragrance oil to this day. It was originally a cheap cologne in the 1800s available to anyone due to the inexpensive ingredients. Our Florida Water is all natural and made in sacred practice from my own BOS recipe (no nasties, no chemical fragrance or rubbing alcohol instead lots of layered energy from nature). Today Florida Water is a staple in spiritual practice and used to enhance or add to many types of ritual as well as cleansing and protection.

For most uses add a cap to a bowl of water, if using in a bucket/larger amount of water upscale as needed. It can also be used straight from the bottle.

How To Work With Florida Water

  • Use as part of a house cleansing or protection by washing down windows and doors.
  • Use to clean quartz based crystals or those not harmed by moisture with a microfiber cloth. Especially useful if you anoint your crystals like I do for grids etc.

  • Add to a mop bucket to wash and cleanse floors
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle to use in sacred space, cleaning surfaces, the home etc
  • Add a few drops to your Aura Sprays
  • Anoint tools
  • Clean down altar spaces, especially good when redoing an altar or bringing in a new table or surface to work from.
  • If you have a crystal, glass bottle or tool that has got very sticky from oils or has a residue from a label use undiluted on a microfiber cloth to remove it.

  • Use as an offering in a sacred vessel on your altar, especially for your ancestors.
  • Use to activate mirrors for scrying or affirmations (especially around self love).
  • A few drops in a meditation aura spray enhances your practice, this also includes mantra and mudra.


And so much more

Find our hand crafted Florida Water HERE