How To Dispose Of Spell Ingredients and Left Over Materials

Safely Disposing Of Spell & Ritual Left Overs

I get a lot of questions via my facebook page, group and the website. One of the most asked is how do i dispose of spell left overs??

So i thought it was about time i got a page up taking a look at the subject. I would like to start by saying you should always follow your own intuition as the witch/spell caster but below is my opinion and a few things to think about :-)

Spells can create all sorts of left overs including herbs, candle stubs, melted wax, ends of pillars, papers, jars, charms, fabric and poppets to name a few.

Can you just throw them in the rubbish bin?

I personally don't throw 99% of my spell items in with the rubbish as i feel its a little disrespectful to the working and feels a little incomeplete. There is also the issue of type of spell, if you have cast a spell to remove something from your life that is negative do you really want that energy sitting in your household bin lingering. The only spell items i throw away are the house protection bottles because i don't want to open them and let all the nasties they have collected out and its not eco friendly to bury them. So i purify them and put them in the bin on the day the bins are collected then start afesh. If you do need/or choose as your method to throw spell items away be sure to do so away from your home if the energy is not positive or if at home do it on the day the bins are collected.


As mentioned above i personally do not recommend burying your jars in the group once they are finished. If the spells energy allows they can be opened, the contents disposed of in the proper way and then cleansed for reuse. If they have been used for something like protection where you would not want to open them i recommend purifying them and disposing of away from your home or on bin day.

Herbs (or other biodegradables like food, water, wine).....

Left over herbs are a nice easy one, they are safe for the environment and animals so you have your choice of methods. If you are sending something away from you then you might want to use a river to throw them into. You can throw herbs into the wind to blow the last of the intent out into the universe or blow something far from you. You can burn herbs in a firepit/chimey/old saucepan regardless of the spells intent or if to draw something positive like healing on a charcoal block inside as incense. You can bury your herbs, in your garden if the spell is to draw something positive to you, away from your home if its to remove something..


Natural fibres can be disposed of by burying or fire as above. I personally recommend against rivers or water as depending on the size fabric could be harmful to wildlife. Synthetics that are not biodebradable can be purified and thrown in the bin.


Now this is a hot topic lol and i can only give my opinion. Many people say to bury left over wax and i agree if its natural wax such as beeswax or soya chome candle stubs or flakes etc. Large amouts of wax or any wax containing paraffin (90% of store purchased candles) should not be burried. Its harmful to nature and the environments and goes against the natural nature of spell crafts. Wax is easily disposed of in fire and can be burnt away completely! Burning is my personal chosen method when it comes to wax and i do only use natural eco friendly wax anyway as i feel its more magical and aligns better with spell work.


Oils are generally not a one use thing, if you have made a protection oil for your spell then bottle it up and keep it in your store box for future spell craft. If you are planning to make an oil thats a one use oil then just make a teaspoon or however much you need fo your spell. 


Papers can easily be burried, burnt or sent on their way in a stream/river. 


My general rule of thumb for diposal is fistly always go with what feels right for your spell and secondly always think about how your left overs will affect mother nature, animals and river ways. We are calling on nature and the earth energy for our magic so we should not pollute her with our spell left overs!