The Goddess Of Spring, Persephone

Goddess Of Spring, The Underworld and daughter of Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest). I felt called to write about Persephone, mainly with a strong push from Her.

Over the last couple of years, especially as subscription boxes and 'dark' Goddesses have become popular there seemed to become a need to have more Goddesses for this title. Persephone soon became a target and focus of the 'dark' Goddess trend and a way to expand subscription boxes, art, courses etc based on Goddesses. Often as a Samhain Goddess with huge emphasis on the story of Her and Hades. Depending on the person they either focus on the darkest parts of said story for spooky effect or turn Her into a dark empowering Goddess and change the narrative of the story to fit.

Now of course, Goddess or Queen of the Underwold is part of Her story, personality and one of Her roles. However......

As daughter of Demeter She is born to Spring, encompasses the energy of new life, rebirth, fertility and more. Persephone awakens the seeds, saplings and buds, calling to life flowers, blossoms and new life. She frolicks with nymphs and embodies the Maiden energy. She spends the days of spring in nature, with the flowers, running through the fields!

As Queen of the Underworld she brings that LIGHT to the souls that rest in Hades realm, she embodies softness and divine feminine energy for the dead which was missing for eons. That all comes from Her connection to Spring!

So why is she the most ignored Goddess of Spring in modern times? A trend I guess?! To know her as Hades Queen you should know HER as Goddess of Spring. To understand how Demeter and Persephone are balance in nature, the cycle of the wheel and manifestation.

Persephone is so much more than the Goddess who was taken by Hades, spends 50/50 time above and below after being searched for by Her mother.

You type in Persephone on etsy or Google and it's all blacks with blood reds, pomegranates and skulls. I have known this Goddess years, worked with her closely and I feel her sadness at this modern look. Her flowers, nymphs, dance and light all faded into the background.

As we head fully into Spring energy why not consider truly getting to know and working with this wonderful Goddess to help the seeds you planted at Imbolc come into full bloom. Welcome her blessings, fertility, transformational energy and more.

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