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  1. Welcome to part one of my Tarot series blog!! I get asked so many questions about Tarot and Tarot readings i thought it was a good time to answer some of the most common threads that weave through people's messages time and time again!!

    Today i look at unethical Tarot reader, both online and in person readings. This one comes up time and time again as i get messages from people who have just received a reading from someone or have just come home from a reading and they are either upset, confused or just feel something is not right.

    Today Tarot readings have become big easy money for some unscrupulous people! With it now more acceptable than ever for people from all backgrounds and all religions to have readings without it raising an eyebrow (a great thing by the way!) some have seen this as a way to take advantage of people.

    Here are my top tips to know when something is not right and what to look out for.......

    1. If your reader starts talking about how you are cursed, have been hexed, have evil spirits attached to you and you need their help!!! This is a big warning sign you have accidently stumbled upon a less than ethical reader. This often causes people a lot of distress which is never a true reader's goal Its unethical, filled with lies and will usually be followed up by point two below.

    2. To get rid of said curse, hex or spirit for a very reasonable fee they can cast a spell, exorcism, provide you with a magic charm or other trinket to fix the problem. The above and this point are the biggest scam going round in tarot reading at the moment. These readers are in fact readers but not the type you were after!! They have learnt like any other scam artist to see vulnerability in people and pick on those people who they see the most potential to scare and earn extra money from and this is usually a large sum of money at that!!!!

    Not to be confused with readers who if relevant might offer advice on how to advance your spiritual practice if thats what the reading is in reference to by suggesting setting up an altar or creating ritual or working on healing your past. These readers do not try to sell you something saying buy this from me buy that etc!

    3. Repeat visits or readings!! Another unethical practice rearing its ugly head is....i see this problem or blockage and you need to do this work then we can look at this together with weekly, every two week readings for the next couple of months! Your reader should be concentrating on the reading you have paid for not trying to sell you future readings!

    4. Although this could come under 1/2 its often used on its own as a less obvious and in your face scam. You or a family member is in danger but do not fear because they can sort you out protection (for a FEE) before you leave that day or after you receive the digital reading. This could be supposed energy work, a charm or even a few words said by them in a supposedly mystical way!

    Although to some of us this may all seem a little funny and the thought may cross your mind who would fall for that. The truth is many people, through no fault of their own, other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time are vulnerable. Think about it, when do many of us get readings? When someone has passed away, when a relationship has failed, when emotional issues are getting on top of you maybe. All times when you come to your reader hoping for a little clarity and guidance while being in a vulnerable position.

    As a reader i take trust very seriously, i don't even discuss my readings with my family as i see that as a breach of confidence. I've been reading cards for 20 years and reading online for 10 and a feel honoured when someone comes to me and put their trust in me. I find it heart breaking when i receive emails from people frantic because they have a 'curse' and they can't afford the readers fee to remove it!

    What to do if you get a reading like this..............

    1. If you are in person with the reader then you can say to the reader you don't want to hear anything about that and can they please get back to the area you asked to be focused on.

    2. You can get up and leave at any time! Sometime people forget they are under no obligation to stay and are not being held prisoner. If a reader is upsetting you or saying highly unsettling things about curses and spirits just thank them for their time and leave.

    3. Don't let them get into your head! As hard as it may be especially if you have gone into your reading feeling vulnerable remind yourself this is not what a reading should be and this is just a bad experience then go home smudge it off and try to forget about it!

    I often get asked about if they should have argued for their money back. Readings both online and in person are required by law to sell readings for entertainment purposes only. As they are entertainment and no physical item is exchanged you are not protected by any refunds policy or protection. If you do fall foul of a unethical reader then sadly the money lost is just going to be put down as a learning experience.

    Don't forget though there are plenty of legitimate readers out there both online and in person. Look for someone with experience! Ask any questions you have before booking your reading as this will give you an idea of the person, how open they are to questions and if you like the feel of that reader. 

    Blessed Be

  2. Merry Meet Everyone!

    As i write this blog i am both a little sad and a little annoyed! One of the wonderful things about running Goddess Enchantments for the last 9 years is meeting so many wonderful people, male and female, all different ages and from different backgrounds. Some have been practicing years while many are very new to their craft and path. 

    I get so many messages but some of the ones that stand out most are.......

    * Those of new witches who are petrified they did something wrong in a spell because they did not follow the book to the letter and now it will all go wrong

    * Those who feel they can't practice because the book says they need 25 ingredients and 10 tools

    * Those from people who can't connect to create circle or during spell craft even though they are following the book or persons instructions to the letter

    This deeply saddens me because there are some witches out there who publish their books saying this is the only way to do that, the only thing you can use this herb or gemstone for and you must not deviate from the instructions. Then and in my opinion worse are those witches with stores be it online or in person stores where they reguarly get asked for advice and use the opportunity to give precise instructions (likely with a list 20 long of items they stock). I myself have been into pagan stores where i have talked about an experience i have had only to be told well thats not what that means it means this or you should not use that you must use this. Luckily im not new to this path and am very confident in my own practice but when i stand there and see new and interested people come in and get the same response its very deflating! Youtube can be another place where this happens too! 

    I worry that some of the next generation of witches will lack true confidence in their ability and truly miss out on experiencing their path in all the glorious magical colour it has to offer because they are never encouraged to think outside the box or listen to their own intuition.

    I have been asked likely more than a hundred times how do i you cast circle! My answer is always the same, i cast circle like this and that works for me but if that feels wrong for you then go with your instincts! Read/watch/listen to how ten witches cast circle not just one and experiment. If something huge and formal doesnt work for you, scale it down to what does, if you have a circle with colour and its not the same as the book or a friends who cares!! Does it work for you?? Yes, then carry on witching your way.

    Herbs are another one, rose petals for love right?! Sage to cleanse?! Well what about if when you were with your first love their mum always burned sage. During that time you were encompassed by feelings of love and every time you smell sage it takes you back to when you were younger and so in love you could burst?? To you sage brings on those exact emotions that will put you in the right frame of mind for your love spell, it holds power for YOU! So yes, use your sage in your love spell. 

    Sometimes i get messages from people who are struggling terribly with money, lost their job and unable to buy the staples for living. My first advice obviously is to check they are getting in touch with the right people on a mundane level to get the help they need which 90% of the time they are already doing but they would like to do something magical to incorporate their path or just feel like they can take some of the control back of a situation that feels out of their control. Ive been in shops and on groups belonging to online shops where similar things are said (one U.S one in particular infuriates me) where they are told they must manifest their own properity and that means putting the money they have back into it to buy 'manifestation tools' they sell and they cant do it without them! If you are in this position and want to do a spell for anything i guarantee you everything you need you already have!! You can cast a spell with no tools at all, its takes more energy and you must be focused but it will be just as successful as your book spell. You can cast a spell with a tea light candle and some dried herbs from your cuboard with a little cooking oil. You can grab a stone from your garden and cast a spell, you see where i am going with this.

    Yes we love our magical tools, i sell tools for your magical cuboard from oils to smokless smudge. Tools such as herbs and gemstones help us layer and call upon different energies and vibrations to add power to our spells. They are amazing companions and helpers during our craft but you should never feel you cannot witch without them or worse put yourself in financial diffculty where its food or a spell item.

    Some online and physical stores have opened because they see the growth in 'new age' spirituality and that people are willing to pay for it. I know of stores where a candle, an oil and a few gemstones will cost your £50 plus!!! WTF! Whats worse is i see people paying this because they don't have the confidence in their own abilities and instead trust a public figure has the correct answers. Over the years i have had a few people say my items are too cheap so they wont buy them as they cant possibly work!!!! The funny thing is my items take time to make by just me, a huge amount of energy goes into them and they are created in sacred space how many huge businesses can truly say that and have it be the truth! Yes i earn very little profit but this is my baby and i do it because i love it. I opened the store because i want everyone to be able to afford magical tools IF they want them. I had the chance a couple of years ago to take the shop in a different much larger direction when a wholesaler wanted to take on my name and items. There was a lot of money in it but i refused. Products made on mass, sitting in a wholesaler and then a shop for goodness know how long goes against everything i stand for. Witchcraft has really become big business over the last 5 years in particular. I hate to see the spiritual community getting sucked into this.

    In books we are given tables and tables of correspondences which are amazing when you first get started to show you where to look and what to look into further. These books however should be seen as guides not manuals. Each author and each witch is sharing their own personal practice which is an amazing thing but just because they shared does not mean their way is yours or they are the authority.

    Have confidence in your own magic, your deity, your path!!! I am very lucky that i have been on this path 20 years so in that time i have collected some amazing treasures for my altars, a stunning gemstone collection and have a garden to grow many herbs. I have a fully stocked witchy cabinet and i share the tools i make with others. I know though if i had to or sometimes when i want to i can can cast a spell on a bus with nothing but ME. 

    Being a Witch authority figure these days is big money and as humans we like being told what we are doing is right but lets remember that the real power is US. Spells from books are great but you are the one powering it! Buy tools because you want to enhance your magical workings not because you cannot do it without them. You will be surprised by how much more powerful your spells and rituals are with or without tools when you trust in yourself. Use your spells from books or spells you have purchased but stand in your own power when you perform them. If their way of casting circle is not how you normally do it then see it as a guide they have given and add in your own way. If you use a spell from a book and want to change an ingredient do, if you have purchased a kit and part of the kit is making a charm and you feel you want to add in a favourite gemstone then add it in! I write my own spells and have done for years but i will still turn to a favourite book every so often and use a spell from it. I might do it exactly as presented or i might take bits and change others but when i do i stand in my own power as the witch casting the spell. 

    So i guess after this really long rant lol My message is yes learn, seek out information but dont lose sight of the fact you are the Witch, you are the energy and you know instinctively what will work for you. Guidance is one things but losing the ability to create your own practice is another.

    Tools are amazing, they enhance our work and add energy and vibrations but remember they are there to enhance not carry your workings. Just because someone has a book series or a well known fancy name and shop its doesnt mean they have more to offer you than you can seek for yourself or learn from a witch up the road. We all have something to share and learn from eachother, practicing one month or ten years!!! No witch is better than another and no one has the authority to tell you that your way of casting or your experience is not valid or right.

    Blessed Be