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Welcome to Flow Of The Goddess, a place to learn more about cloth menstrual products, natural menstrual health and household reusables. You can find out more about me HERE, my journey to cloth and why i decided to open my own cloth pad shop.

On my site you will find infromation pages, links to my videos and of course be able to purchase your very own cloth pads! Having endometriosis myself i also have a special interest in super heavy periods so this is something i have decided to specialise in on top of all the normal absorbencies with my mega pad range.

There is lots of information here to help you make the right choice for you but lets get started with a brief look at why you might want to change to cloth pads!

My etsy store is now open but pads can still be purchased via my facebook group or email.



Why Change To Cloth Menstrual Products........

Disposable pads/tampons are made up of a combination of plastic, synthetics, wood pulp, cottons and chemical gels. These 'ingredients' often contain chemicals such as dioxins, pesticides and other nasties. These can cause a wide range of symptoms in some women from rashes, thrush, exzema, psorisis and unwanted itching. 

Disposable are uncomfortable, (lets face it ladies) sweaty and sometimes smelly!

In a womens lifetime she will add around 16,000 disposable products into landfill (these often end up in the sea, on beaches and sit in landfill for years as they are not biodegradable)! So lets help the environment where we can!

Cloth will save you money!!! Yes they are an investments to start with but you can expect AT LEAST 5 years (10 more likely) of use out of your cloth pad stash if cared for well. 

Cloth is clean, EASY to care for and super comfortable. Not to mention much less likely to leak and excellent for those with super heavy period who are currently having to layer disposable pads.


What I Stock.....

I make pads from 6 inches up to 16 inches that i keep in stock, i do make larger to order.

Absorbencies start at Liner and go right up to my Mega Pads (which come in a variety of coverage options).

I have a range of pads made specially to deal with little leaks through to  full incontinence.

I also make unpaper kitchen towel, wipes and other household reusables.