About Me

Merry Meet

My name is Claire and I first opened Goddess Enchantments in 2007 on ebay! After working in a couple of physical pagan stores i become very disappointed with the lack of interest and effort being put into hand crafted items from the people who owned the stores. So when i had the opportunity to open my own online i jumped at the chance. Within a year of opening on ebay i created my first website and ran the two alongside each other until eventually closing the ebay and running the entire business through our own website.

I have been a practicing witch for 20 plus years now and this path was one i was called to from a very young age! I grew up celebrating the sabbats and learning to create my own spells. Spell writing has been a passion of mine for as long as i can remember and i have always had a thirst for knowledge. 

I am also very passionate about the Tarot and Oracle Cards and have been reading for as long as i have been practicing as a witch. I have quite the collection of decks and tend to lean more towards non traditional tarot and oracle cards. My guides are a huge part of my readings and i go completely into a sacred space when i read for myself or clients. 

I am a qualified holistic therapist specialising Crystal and Colour therapy which is another passion of mine alongside herbalism. 

I am a keen gardener and love growing my own vegetables and herbs, all organically. For me being on this path is not something i do, it is a way of life and part of me. I practice my craft daily, work at my altars and am constantly flowing along my pathway.

I hope you find something magical in my sites pages just for you............

With Love and Light

Blessed Be )o(